Prospective Programs and Activities

Contending that U.S - Malaysia relations "are at an all-time high", the May, 2012 report of the CSIS Southeast Asia Program and ISIS Malaysia, From Strength to Empowerment: The Next Generation of U.S. - Malaysia Relations, underscored the importance of further enhancing "people-to-people ties" and mutual understanding among publics as well as policy-makers.

To address this objective, and contribute to successor of generation development, the Malaysia-America Foundation - in conjunction with the Malaysia-America Society as appropriate - plans to conduct a range of programs and activities, including but not limited to the following:

  • An inaugural donor's luncheon with remarks by a senior U.S Government policy official
  • A luncheon or dinner perspectives on the relationship and Malaysia's vision for the future bilateral agenda
  • Annual fund raising dinners and other programs featuring VIPS from both sides, incorporating annual achievement awards to recognize Americans and/or Malaysians who contribute to closer U.S - Malaysia relations
  • Seminars and conferences on bilateral relations and topical themes, such as defense/security and science & technology, in collaboration with leading think tanks and other institutions
  • Interships aimed at deepening business relations, promoting graduate student/young professional exchange, and short-term academic research projects
  • Provision of information to legislative bodies on both sides, sponsoring visits (within laws and regulations of both countries), briefings, seminars, receptions and other activities
  • Sponsorship or co-sponsorship of cultural programs
  • Travel grants for researchers, speakers, and others whose travel contributes to the purposes of the Foundation and Society
  • Commissioning studies and research through qualified institutions
  • Sponsor expanded bilateral education & training links in various fields
  • Support of community projects

The Malaysia-America Foundation in an IRS Sec. 501(c)(3) entity