Message from the Co-Chairs

We are excited and energized to serve as the founding Co-Chairs of the Malaysia-America Foundation, or MAF, an initiative that is overdue in terms of strengthening the fabric of relations between our two countries. The Foundation aspires to be a true bi-national undertaking. We have a unitary board of directors to bring our leadership together in a common endeavor. The Co-Chairs in each country provide top level leadership and we have equal number of directors on each side. Our decision making is consensual and collaborative.

Our aim is to enlarge people-to-people relations - with an emphasis on youth, across a broad front: policy, exchanges, legislative contacts, education and culture, business and professional understanding, and generally raising Malaysia's profile in the United States and increasing understanding of America in Malaysia. Activities contributing to these objectives include conferences and seminars, professional internships, study tours and academic exchanges, travel grants, exhibitions, commissioning studies and research, community projects, and the in-depth examination of public policy issues. As the Foundation grows in financial capability, the more its impact will be felt in both countries.

The Malaysia-America Foundation is non-political, non-partisan and independent. We do not speak for governments or seek government support, with narrow exceptions in which there is a specific congruence of program activities in specialized areas. Our sources of income are corporate donations, foundation grants, and individual philanthropy. We will to work cooperatively with business and cultural organizations, academic institutions, other private foundations, public service organizations, and regional bodies.

MAF welcomes collaboration with individuals and organizations interested in promoting bilateral relations and expanded mutual understanding. This is a long-term effort and we seek alliances with those who share our commitment. We anticipate tangible gains in the years ahead, leading to a vibrant and upgraded relationship between Malaysia and United States to the benefit of citizens in both countries.

James R. Keith                                                                                   Tan Sri Dr. Munir Majid